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Sales Tools FAQ

NOTE: Only click Submit once on any page of the website. Clicking the Submit button more than once will bring you out to the opening page of each section WITHOUT saving progress.

From 5:00 pm Saturday until 1:30 pm Sunday, AWD undergoes routine maintenance. This will affect the following areas of the site:

  • Producer Profile Information
  • Online Ordering
  • Reports
  • Submittable Forms

Q:  How do I edit my QuickLinks on the Dashboard page?

A:  Under your Preferences, click Manage Quick Links. Select a link to be added and displayed from the left hand menu, click add. You may add up to 6 quick links to your dashboard page. Then click Submit. You may change your quick links as often as you like.

Q:  How do I alert Transamerica Employee Benefits of a change in address?

A:  On the left hand side of your dashboard page click Manage Profile. You can not only update your physical address, but your email address, default shipping options, and phone numbers.

Q:  How do I edit my Assistant Profile?

A:  On the left hand side of the dashboard page click Manage Assistant Profile. Here you can edit all their information and turn access to your commission statements on or off for your assistant.

Reporting FAQ

NOTE: Due to scheduled AWD maintenance the New Business Policy Status Report will be unavailable Sundays from 12:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Q:  How do I run the Production Report?

A:  First select the year and month for the Product Report you want to run. If you want to see more in-depth information on any of the line items, select the row, then select an option to see production information by Producer, Line of Business, Company, Group or Source.

At any time you may download the information in PDF or Excel spreadsheet or Restart the Production report. You may restart the production report at any time to select a new period for the report. Only the production for you and those in your hierarchy will be available. The production report will be available for a rolling 12 month period.

This report has 7 columns, below is a summary definition of each:

  • Submitted - Annualized premium for applications submitted in the current production year
  • Issued - Annualized premium for those application that have gone through the submission and underwriting process and are issued waiting for initial premium to be applied.
  • Carryover (Pending) - Annualized premium for applications submitted in previous production year for which initial premium has not been applied.
  • Pending First Premium - Annualized premium for issued policies regardless of issue date, but waiting on the initial premium payment.
  • Issued and Paid - Annualized premium for policies issued in the current production year who have made their initial premium payment.
  • Paid - Annualized premium for issued policies that have paid their intial premium regardless of issue date
  • Increases - Annualized premium of any increase in coverage to existing policies (i.e, face amount incresases, benefit level increases). If the initial premium has been paid on the increased coverage then this amount is also included under the "Paid" column.

Q:  How do I run a Re-enrollment Report?

A:  Select a Producer and a Group, select the report format, if you want an Excel file or a PDF. Then select the report output fields and hit submit. It may take several seconds to assemble all the information and create the report depending on how many output fields you selected and the size of your group.

You may access the last previous report under the Previous Re-Enrollment Reports header.

NOTE: The Re-enrollment report will be accessible online daily during the hours of 6.30 AM-9.00 PM (CST).

Re-enrollment information related to Voluntary Term Life products and the following third-party administrators will not be available in this report: Spectera, Key Benefit Administrators and Legal Access Plans.

Q:  Why is my Re-enrollment Report not returning any information?

A:   If the report is above 10,000 entries, you must contact your regional marketing center and they will run the report and email it to you.

Q:  How do I use the New Business Policy Status Report?

A:  Select a producer or all to view all groups in your hierarchy under all producers. Then select a group.

You have the option of viewing only the policies that have the status of Pending or viewing all policies except those with a status of Issued. If you don't select either of these radio buttons all policies with a status of Received, Pending and Issued will show on the report.

Click Submit and it takes you to the report. From the report you can identify any potential problems with your submitted business and use the Missing Information Report or work with your regional office to get it corrected.

NOTE: This report could take several seconds to generate for large groups.

Q:  How do I use the Missing Information Report?

A:  Select a producer or all to view all producers under your hierarchy. Select the Group the New Business Status Report listed as having policies Pending. Click Submit. You may choose to sort by Employee name or Employee SSN. Click Submit and the report displays beneath the options on the page.

At the bottom of the report you may select a download format and download this report. There is a link to the Service Forms section of the site at the bottom of this page for easy reference if forms are required for pending business.

This report is generated nightly and will be available by 7:00 AM CST each day.

Sales Administration FAQ

This tab has answers to frequently asked questions about the information found in the Sales Administration section of this site.


  • Under a General Agency Contract - Enrollers are hired and paid by the General Agency
  • Business Entity (Corporation, LLC, etc.) - TEB pays their producers
  • Surety for Corporation - Officer for corporation or signor for corporation
  • Acknowledgement of Conditions - Form signed by solicitor in lieu of contract
  • Natural Person - Individual that applies for a contract with TEB
  • Solicitor - Individual not under contract with TEB
  • Broker of Record (BOR) - Broker of Record change required when a group is being reassigned to a new broker. Must be on Group Letterhead.

Q: What does My Licenses and Appointments link do?
A: This area of the site will allow you to choose yourself or a producer in your hierarchy, then select an agent number and see the status of the license and appointment for that producer.It shows State, License Status, License Expiration Date, Appointment Status, Company, Appointment Expiration Date and Appointment Effective Date.

Q:  How long does the appointment process take?
  Once we receive the completed booklet, a background investigation is ordered. The background information should be received within 72 hours of ordering. With a satisfactory background, the appointment is ordered from the state department of insurance. Because each state varies in requirements and guidelines in processing appointments, it may take longer to be appointed in one state than in another.

Q:  What events may cause my appointment to be delayed?
A:   The more common causes of delay are incomplete or incorrect paperwork, no signature or signature in the wrong place, expired license or no license copy, derogatory background information, state department of insurance, unsigned or missing W9 form, no contract or commission schedules.

Q:  If I am appointed with Transamerica Life Insurance Company, does that include the other AEGON companies?
A:   No, you can only solicit business for the companies with which you have been appointed. Each individual AEGON-affiliated company requires a separate and individual appointment for each state. Therefore, it is very important that you obtain an appointment with each AEGON-affiliated company in each state for which you desire to solicit business.

Q:  When can I start representing & soliciting business for Transamerica?
A:   YOU MUST BE APPOINTED BY AND HAVE A FULLY EXECUTED CONTRACT WITH THE COMPANY BEFORE YOU MAY SOLICIT BUSINESS OR COLLECT ANY MONIES. You will receive confirmation from our office when you have been appointed. An agent should not solicit business without confirmation from the Contract and Licensing Department with the effective date and companies approved. Effective dates and time frames vary from state to state.

The following states are considered "Just IN Time" solicitation. Business can be submitted prior to appointment as long as we appoint within 14 to 15 days of receipt of business or the contract is signed, whichever comes first:

 Arkansas  California   District of Columbia 
 Florida  Hawaii  Idaho
 Iowa  Maine  Michigan
 Minnesota  Mississippi  Nebraska
 New Hampshire  New York  North Dakota
 Oklahoma  South Carolina  South Dakota
 Tennessee  Virginia  West Virginia

Q:  How are license renewals handled?
A:   It is your responsibility to process your license renewal. Normally, the state department of insurance will send you notice of renewal. Each state varies in the annual or biennial processing of your renewal. Upon receipt of your renewal license, please forward a copy to our Renewal Coordinator. You may fax a copy of your license renewal to our office at 501-227-1068.

Q:  How does a VP/RVP obtain a Contract Booklet?
A:   By contacting the Sales Support Coordinator for your region. You may access this information through the Contact Us link on the top right hand side of this page.

Q:  What are the guidelines for completing an application for Contract Booklet?



 The individual being contracted with the
agency is an officer of the agency or a solicitor

should be completed

 The individual being contracted is a producer

should be completed 

 An agency is being contracted and
compensating their enrollers

should be completed 

 An agency is being contracted
as a business entity

should be completed

Q:  How is information from the background check reviewed?


Released and/or satisfied leins will appear on the background check as "Unsatisfied" for several years after being paid. Choose "Yes" and add "Paid Off" beside that item to avoid delaying paperwork.

 DUI and/or DWI

DUI's and DWI's are not considered minor traffic violations, REPORT THEM.

 Regulatory Actions

Continuing Education, letting a license lapse in some states, etc., are considered regulatory actions and should be answered "yes" ont he questionnaire, if  applicable.


If there is a discrepancy in the background review, Contract and Licensing mails the agent a letter requesting and explanation. The letter is mailed to the agent's home address and a response is required before Contract and Licensing can proceed.

Q:  What states must I be approved in to receive commissions, including overrides?



Override States

All need license and appointments to receive commissions in these states:  GA, GU, KY, LA, MA, MS, MT, NM, MY, PA, PR, SD, UT, VA, WV

States agents must be licensed and apppointed in to write business

All agents must have license and appointment in the following states along with the ones listed above: NC, WI

States agencies must be licensed and appointed in to write business

All agencies must have license and appointment in the following states along with the ones listed above: DE, ME, ND, OK

Q:  What information can I get from the Commissions link?
A:   Your commission statement for a previous month. Select the month you want to view and then select Download PDF or Download Excel. Your commission information will be available for a rolling 18 month period, after 18 months the information will no longer be available.

Q:  Why does the “Select Month” menu on the Commissions screen not display a date for selection?
  If the “Select Month” menu does not display a date for selection, then no commission information is available for the statement number that you selected. Please select a different commission statement number, or contact the Web Coordinator for assistance.

Q:  Should I consider the Current Period PDF as my finalized statement?
   No, this is just a summary of commission information.