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No physicals or blood work4
Benefits for critical illness
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Stan, a human resources director, tries to balance the needs of his auto repair chain's employees with the rising costs of health care. He's pleased that myPack® provides term life insurance, critical illness benefits and accident insurance to help employees with out-of-pocket expenses.

When a friend and coworker, Carl, signs up for myPack® at their yearly enrollment, Stan feels proud to know that his decision will help out if Carl ever faces a medical situation that endangers his family's financial well-being.

Two kinds of insurance pair up to help meet multiple needs.

Group term life insurance would pay Carl's family a benefit in the event of his death. Riders1 (special added benefits to his life insurance) would also allow him to use part of his death benefit2 for special situations. With myPack®:

  • 50% of the death benefit can be advanced for a qualifying terminal illness
  • 25% of the death benefit can be advanced for a covered critical illness (heart attack, cancer, stroke, end-stage kidney failure or certain major organ transplants)
  • premiums are waived if he's totally disabled for six or more consecutive months prior to age 60

The policy is portable and can be converted to a universal life insurance policy3 when the insured leaves the company.

Accident insurance pays a benefit if an insured's covered injury necessitates treatment. It also provides sickness and disability income benefits as well as a lump sum benefit in case of accidental death or dismemberment.

Later that year, Carl trips over his feet while playing soccer with his daughter and breaks his wrist. myPack® Accident Insurance pays him benefits that help with his medical insurance deductible, orthopedist visits and cast.

Carl's cast keeps him from working for nearly a month, so he files a claim for myPack®'s disability income benefits until he's able to work again. Stan hires a temp to take over Carl's duties and is relieved that Carl can focus on recovery without financial pressure to come back to work before he's completely healed.

Enjoy our hassle-free enrollment process.

We offer multiple options for gathering your employees' information, with account managers who want to make your experience as snag-free and simple as possible.


1 See the policy certificate for more details about the Waiver of Premium Rider, Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Option Rider and Continuation of Coverage Option Rider.
2 Using accelerated benefits reduces the life insurance death benefit by the amount used. For example, if the insured gets 25% of the death benefit with the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Critical Care Condition, his or her beneficiary receives 75% of the original benefit in the event of death.
3 Critical illness and certain other features may not be available under the new universal life contract. Additional requirements and limitations will apply if the employer at time of purchase terminates their group master policy. The insured must apply and submit payment within 31 days of employment termination.
4 Acceptance based on answers to questions on the application for insurance.

This is a brief summary of myPack® Group Term Life Insurance with critical illness benefits and accident insurance underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA. Group Term Life Insurance policy form series CP100200 and CC100400. Riders CR101700, CR101600, CR101500 and CR101200. Accident insurance form series CP200500 and CC200500. Forms and form numbers may vary. This insurance may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations and exclusions apply. Refer to the policy, certificate and riders for complete details.