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simple enrollment options
payroll-deducted premiums
no blood tests or physicals

Darlene, an administrator who fills multiple roles in a small company, researches several companies when asked to find basic term life insurance for their employees. She chooses Transamerica for our financial stability, helpful employees and simple implementation process.

Offer employees a simple, valuable benefit.

Three out of 10 U.S. households have no life insurance at all, and half said they needed more life insurance.1 Basic term life insurance helps fill that need, providing a death benefit based on income.

The employees at Darlene's company are automatically enrolled, using information she gives Transamerica about their age and gender. They can keep their insurance as long as they're actively working at the company and premiums are paid, regardless of age. Life insurance is also available for employees' spouses and dependent children.

Attract and keep employees with great benefits.

When Darlene later interviews a programmer named Martin, she knows his extensive skills let him be choosy. She feels proud to describe what their company offers, including basic term life insurance. A robust benefits package helps recruit and retain great people.

Choose a company you can trust.

In today's financial environment, working with a reliable company with a heritage of over 100 years of helping families is a smart way to do business. Darlene feels confident that Transamerica will be there when her employees need us most.

Choose a company that wants to help.

Darlene feels relieved when their implementation goes smoothly, and it's a delight to tell everyone about their new benefit. On the anniversary date of each employee's hiring, his or her death benefit is adjusted automatically to reflect salary changes.

Easy enrollment, friendly account executives and payroll deduction options for dependent insurance premiums make integration with the human resources department convenient and hassle-free.

Riders included with base policy

Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness Rider advances a portion of the death benefit if diagnosed for the first time with a terminal illness and still provides the remaining benefit to the beneficiary after death.

Waiver of Premium Rider waives premiums while maintaining life insurance benefit up to age 65 if employee is totally disabled.

Optional rider you may choose to include in each employee's policy

The Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider provides an additional death benefit equal to the basic death benefit in cases of death resulting from accidental bodily injury. We will pay an additional 3% of the AD&D benefit (up to $3,500) for qualified elder care, surviving spouse job training, surviving child education and surviving child care. It also pays a specified percentage of the death benefit for specific dismemberments (25-100%, depending on type).


If a policy is terminated for any reason (other than submitting a fraudulent claim or the employee electing to end coverage), the insured can convert it to a permanent2 insurance policy (without any optional riders). It allows the insured to maintain the same death benefit amount (with premiums based on attained age, class of risk and death benefit amount) without having to provide evidence of insurability like a blood test or physical exam.

Basic Term Life Insurance with AD&D Example

included on all policies
Employer with 325 Eligible Lives Term Life Death Benefit Terminal Illness Benefit Waiver of Premium Benefit
Maximum Guaranteed Issue Coverage (employer-paid) $100,000 $100,000 Premium is waived if insured is totally disabled
employer optional rider
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
$100,000 plus accidental dismemberment schedule


1 Facts About Life 2013, LIMRA. Use of statistics does not imply endorsement.
2 "Permanent" is a type of insurance that can be kept throughout life, such as a whole life or universal life insurance policy. Your policy can still lapse prior to maturity date if you don't pay premiums.

This is a brief summary of basic term life insurance underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA. Policy form series CPBTL100 and CCBTL100. Rider forms series CRADBT00, CRTIBTOO and CRWPBTOO. Forms and form numbers may vary. This insurance may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations and exclusion apply. Refer to the policy, certificate and riders for complete details.