Selling Voluntary Benefits to your clients

Getting started and pitching voluntary benefits to employers is easy. Learn more about Transamerica Employee Benefits innovative portfolio of voluntary life insurance and supplemental health benefits and run a customized proposal for your client. Want expert help? Our team of sales professionals can help you determine which benefits best fit your clients. Then we'll work with you to develop customized plan designs and competitive rates for your groups.

Get started with Transamerica Employee Benefits with these short steps:

TEB Learning Center

Our TEB Learning Center hits every facet of Transamerica Employee Benefits' products and sales cycle, from field-tested scripts to brochures, one-on-one mentoring and online courses.

Here are the resources you have as a Transamerica Producer:

  • Transamerica Producer University, which features comprehensive training sessions for new producers.
  • Specially-designed New Agent webinars for new and existing agents
  • Continuing education with online Transamerica Learning Center courses, which provide product, leadership, and industry training for field team members at their convenience.
  • Ongoing training about new products, services, and technology led by experienced trainers in a classroom setting and in the field.
  • Coaching and mentoring from Regional Vice Presidents.
  • Specialized training to suit your area's needs from veteran producers.
  • Webinars & other online training materials accessed through Transamerica's website for producers.
  • Producer-driven sales conferences to discuss current and upcoming strategies as well as learn best practices.
  • E-mail based newsletters giving you up-to-date Transamerica Employee Benefit information
  • Coach videos detailing specific product information
  • Access to competitive intelligence

Our producer training programs also help you hone the leadership skills you need if you would like to be part of the sales management team.

Product Information

Life Insurance

Health Insurance


Now is the time to establish a consistent, competitively priced employee benefits strategy along with the excellent service you expect from Transamerica Life Insurance Company.

Eliminate employer disruptions, limit enrollment expenses and provide customers with the products and services they deserve while enhancing your revenue stream. We make it simple for your customers to transition their current voluntary benefits to Transamerica Employee Benefits using our streamlined transition and communication process.

Transamerica Employee Benefits continues to provide flexible group underwriting for employers with g guaranteed issue underwriting availability on all products. Our in-house underwriting also offers customized underwriting offers for unique enrollment conditions (including associations and unions).

Send a customized email to an employer.

Customize this email template with your information and a brief message. We will send you an email that you can forward to your prospective employer. Transamerica will not use, or disclose, your client information for any marketing purposes.

customize a client proposal

Customize a client proposal

Transamerica Employee Benefits provides you 24/7 access to our proposal system so that you can get a standard proposal for your client within minutes. With a complete portfolio of life and supplemental health insurance products, we have virtually everything you need to craft a voluntary benefits package that meets your clients' needs.

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